I resolve to create resolutions, nothing more.

WHAT?! It’s the end of another year you say? That just cannot be! It was only March three weeks ago I swear!

Seriously though, where has 2013 gone? As 2014 is now well and truly breathing its rancid breath down our necks and it’s time for that New Years right of passage where we write down our “Resolutions” only to forget about them a week later. I’ve never really been one to participate in this particular New Years tradition but I thought I’d just write down a few anyway. I figure that by putting it in my blog, there’s going to be an everlasting, digital copy that I won’t be able to escape and must, therefore, attempt to stick to it. All I now need to do is come up with a list of reasonably achievable resolutions. It shouldn’t be too difficult, right? Here’s goes nothing.


1. Increase my current University GPA by at least 3 or more points.

2. Save more money and stop spending it all on iTunes.

3. Cut out soft drink and unnecessary sugar.

4. Ask a person of the male persuasion out on a date of some description.

5. Be a little less hostile when it comes to change in the workplace. (I need to take things less personally)

6. Review more films and TV shows on my blog.

7. See more live music, comedy and theatrical shows.

And that’s as far as I got. From what I know of other peoples’ lists, the ones that I’ve listed are pretty standard so there’s nothing very exciting about them. I really should make more of an effort to be a little more creative with my resolutions.


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