The lack of an idea.

It’s been a few days since my last post and so I think that it’s high time that I push one out. My only problem, at the moment, seems to be that I’m having trouble focusing. There are a multitude of stories, experiences and general issues that I could write about but they all seem to be colliding into one another and emitting an explosion of unfocused energy. I’ve thought about writing a post about my exercise habits which turns into my eating habits which turns into the food I ate while travelling which turns into my travelling adventures and it goes on and on. As a result of this monstrous collision, I don’t seem to be able to put together one single, cohesive strand of thought to produce a blog post in response to. As such, this riveting blog post is going to reflect my current inability to think creatively or perhaps just the difficulties inherent in creativity. Then again, it could be about neither. I’m unfocused.

Now despite my current prose being creatively challenged, there’s something in that thinking creatively can be a bitch at times. So often there are amazing ideas that flow through our brains like liquid gold and then other times it’s like our creative brains are a barren desert where, try as we might, clutching to the idea of an idea is about as far as we get in the process. Sure there are ways to try and get around this like distracting yourself with other things (watching something on my laptop, exercise and baking are my top three) to get the creative juices flowing but when that fails, what do we do? I’d really like to know because I’m failing at this blog post right now and I’d like to knock down my current creative block.

Creative blocks are common and I don’t think that there’s any one way to break free of the constraints and get out of our own way. Trying to tease out an idea can be like pulling teeth but when the right idea presents itself, hallelujah! It makes all the struggling worth it in the end and then, out of nowhere, ideas start gaining momentum and before we know it, we’re flooded with great creativity-driven  ideas.

In the end, I suppose that it doesn’t really matter how we overcome our creative blocks so long as we overcome them.


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