Holy crap! Was that a ghost? Quick! Call the Ghostbusters!

I’m sure that you’ve all heard the stories. A young woman dies a horrible death and forever haunts the spot where she died. People visit the haunted locale and either disappear or turn up bloodied and screaming. The stories are nothing new and least of all scary but what if you really did witness a supernatural event. Would you believe it or would you disregard it thinking that it’s just your over-active imagination playing tricks on you? I suppose that I’ve always had a predisposition that leans more towards believing in the weird, wonderful and mysterious. There’s something about the unknown and the possibility of the fantastical that speaks to me and my imagination. Information about the supernatural is readily available to anyone who owns a television, computer, smart phone or tablet. The entertainment industry has gone above and beyond to capatalise on exposing the supposed unknown and so people have become so desensitized to it that every ghost sighting can be explained away as being a fabrication and definitely not real. Can anyone actually prove the existence of the supernatural? I have no idea how someone would even begin to establish some kind of proof but I know what I’ve seen and I have no doubt that it was real.

The day was like any other. I was in my bathroom getting ready for work when, out of the very corner of my eye, I saw a weird kind of shadow. I turned to have a look but there was nothing there so I ignored it and continued to put my make-up on and do my hair. After a couple of minutes, the shadow returned but the outline was more distinct. It was most definitely a woman and she was staring at me. Now I know what you’re all thinking. You’re thinking “Yeah right!”, “No way!” but I swear that I’m not lying. The woman was wearing a long dress and has longish dark hair (typical right?). She wasn’t doing anything but standing and staring but I knew that she was there. I eventually got up the courage to look at her but as soon as my head turned, she vanished. I was feeling severely creeped out so I got out of there quick smart. I told the story to my Dad who then informed me that before we lived in that house, the family of a policeman lived there and that his wife committed suicide in my room. She hung herself from the ceiling fan. Terrifying right?! And no, I’m not joking.

Anyway, I think that by not being able to explain everything, our world is that little bit more interesting and perhaps even more unpredictable. What do you think? Share your ghost stories.


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