Why do all my good ideas pop into my head when I’m trying to go to sleep?

I don’t know what it is but it seems like whenever I’m trying hard to fall asleep after a long day, the best ideas start to rattle around in my brain. Try as I might, unless I write them down, I’m unlikely to have a decent nights sleep and so it makes me wonder why these ideas wait until the most inopportune moment (when my eyelids are heavy and I’m on the verge of deep sleep) to dredge their was up from my subconscious? Like right now. I’ve been trying to all asleep for about an hour and it’s just not happening because I had this idea to write a blog post about exactly what I’m bloody well writing about! Jesus!! It’s just inconvenient! Seriously though, someone needs to come and knock me out so my brain will story functioning in hyper drive and I can get some shut eye. Seriously. Now. What? No takers. Sigh. Fine. Well I don’t think I’m going to be nodding off any time soon so I may as well do a little research.

Apparently I’m not the only one who gets their best ideas at night. According to other blog posts I’ve read, there are a multitude of people out there that are their most creative under the cover of darkness, which is also apparently particularly conducive to writing. Go figure. Nevertheless, it looks as though our best ideas aren’t just limited to night time revelations. According to Leo Widrich, our most creative epiphanies can be triggered by a few different factors. Primarily we’re at our most creative when high levels of dopamine are released into our brain so it’s not just our relaxed sleep-time stupor that enables us to get creative. We can be in a warm shower, listening to music or even exercising. Who knew? All of these activities contribute to the increased flow of dopamine to the human computers that are our brains but as well as this, when we’re in a state of zen, we’re more likely to become introverted and make insightful connections within ourselves thus further increasing our creativity. Now to really top the cake, being distracted is also super helpful as it gives our brains a break from our conscious thoughts and allows for our subconscious to work through a problem more creatively. So, if you want to really get those creative juices flowing, increase your dopamine levels, be relaxed while maintaining a moderate level of distraction. Is it just me or do the factors that contribute to our creativity sound more complex and confusing than they should be? I think maybe I’ve ruined it for myself by trying to unmask something as mysterious as the concoction of creativity. I should have just well-enough alone. Maybe now that I know, I can sleep though. Here’s to hoping.


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