Blogging isn’t hard. Right?!

Ok so I’ve written a couple of blog posts in my time but they were purely written on the basis of finishing an assignment for Uni. I’m in no way a “blogger” but seeing as it looks like my summer is going to be less than interesting, I may as well give it a go and see what weird and wonderful revelations pop out of my head. I mean, how hard can it be to just write about whatever happens to be rattling around in my head at the time? Someone will read it, right?! I suppose though that even if no-one ever reads my posts (a highly likely occurrence), it really doesn’t matter because there’s something truly cathartic about putting it out there and writing it down despite the (potential) lack of interest. Well, it is for me anyway so I’m not fussed if I don’t attain global fame by way of blogging (ha!).

Stay tuned bloggers. Ramblings will ensue.


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